Healthy Dialogue vs. “Civil” Debate

I’ve talked off and on about the “haters/naysayers”—those who fight against the Church and “kick against the pricks,” as they say, decrying the good and tearing down the beauty that the Church stands for worldwide. I have a hard time with them, I’ll admit. I mean, I don’t “crap on your porch” and ask you to like it. I would ask you not to do … Continue reading Healthy Dialogue vs. “Civil” Debate

Guest Post: A Tale of Two Cool Churches

I had a visitor to my blog so I visited her blog, BeautyBeyondBones, in return and just read the most insightful and well-written post, I have to say. She’s an accomplished writer, a devout Catholic, and a cool person who offers a perspective I think we could all benefit from. I thought I’d share with you the post. Here’s one clip to show you what … Continue reading Guest Post: A Tale of Two Cool Churches