LDS NFL Football Player: Chad Lewis

I’ve got to tell you a funny story which is also pretty inspiring. I went to high school in Orem, Utah. I played on the varsity soccer and basketball teams and on the b-ball team I played with a guy named Jason Lewis. He had a younger brother named Chad who, as I remember him, was this scrawny, pimply faced, redheaded kid who more often … Continue reading LDS NFL Football Player: Chad Lewis

LDS Comedian: Jenna Kim Jones

You saw her if you watched the epic documentary I wrote of last week, Meet the Mormons. Comedian Jenna Kim Jones was the narrator of that film and she did a great job. She’s a New Yorker, a talented comedian, and also a Mormon. Thought you might like to get to know her a little better. Click Below to Watch Jenna’s “I’m a Mormon” Video: … Continue reading LDS Comedian: Jenna Kim Jones

LDS Opera Singer: Patrice Tipoki Arkins

Here’s another great I’m a Mormon testimonial from about as far away as you can get from here in Portland, Oregon (USA), this one about a Mormon opera singer from Sidney, Australia, Patrice Tipoki Arkins. While music is important to many of us and most definitely to the Church as a whole—I personally love all kinds of genres from country to R & B to rock … Continue reading LDS Opera Singer: Patrice Tipoki Arkins

LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers

I plan to post several “I’m a Mormon” testimonies on this blog, like this one from Brandon Flowers, lead singer for the popular rock band, The Killers, and a Mormon from Nephi, Utah. I enjoy his music and really love his testimony in this video as well. Click the Video Below to Watch It Now: Bono from U2 said not too long ago that The … Continue reading LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers