LDS Digital Ninja: Greg Trimble

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed writing, sharing my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and standing up for my religion and my faith (two different things in some ways). I decided to start this blog, The Daily Mormon, though, specifically, after reading an extraordinary book by expert-blogger, writer, and entrepreneur, Greg Trimble (check out his personal blog by Clicking Here and visit his business websites as … Continue reading LDS Digital Ninja: Greg Trimble

Guest Post: Finding Peace/Joy in Death

Originally posted on Latter-Day Disciple:
Last week, a good friend of a good friend passed away. This young man had bravely and faithfully fought cancer for five exhausting years, almost since he and his wife had been married. The news of his passing left us – virtual strangers to him – in tears. We mourned for his wife and 3-month old twin sons. We were… Continue reading Guest Post: Finding Peace/Joy in Death

Guest Post: A Tale of Two Cool Churches

I had a visitor to my blog so I visited her blog, BeautyBeyondBones, in return and just read the most insightful and well-written post, I have to say. She’s an accomplished writer, a devout Catholic, and a cool person who offers a perspective I think we could all benefit from. I thought I’d share with you the post. Here’s one clip to show you what … Continue reading Guest Post: A Tale of Two Cool Churches

WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

Originally posted on Highlighting Mormon WordPress Bloggers:
Hi WordPress Ward Members! It’s time for our Ward Social Link-up Party this month! Each 4th Saturday you can post a link to your own blog post that you want to share with other bloggers. The link can be on ANY topic as long as it is “anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.” [Articles of Faith #13] Please comment below… Continue reading WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

Guest Post: The Love of a Living Prophet

I read a blog this evening with an incredible write-up about our last living prophet, beloved by one and all, President Thomas S. Monson. I thought it was really well done and thought you might enjoy it. It’s really great and insightful to say the least. Thank you for sharing, Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA Click Here to Read the Post Continue reading Guest Post: The Love of a Living Prophet