Are Latter-day Saints Allowed to Laugh?

If you read my post yesterday I spoke of the really lovely day I had fishing, discussing religion and life, and hanging out with a good friend and mentor of mine. I actually spent much of the time answering his questions about the Church, which I, of course, enjoyed … especially because he wasn’t critical or skeptical at all. He was quite “intellectually interested,” despite the fact he’s a self-professed atheist. And he asked really great questions. We both learned a lot I think—about how we think, view the world, work through things, etc. It was a great day and conversation and we both I think enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.28.53 PM.pngSpeaking of questions, I’ve actually been asked this one on more than one occasion: “Are Mormons Allowed to Laugh…?” I’ll admit, I’ve almost laughed out loud, especially when the look on their face says that they’re actually serious. Yes, we can laugh! We can giggle, snigger, snicker, hoot, snort, cackle, chortle, guffaw, titter, and even break into gut-wrenching, milk-spewing, eye-watering, belly laughs. It’s not against our religion, thank the Lord. I don’t know what I’d do without laughter in my life. Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.49.39 PM

While driving back from Garibaldi (Oregon), where we were fishing, I also shared a few of my favorite clean comedians with my friend, including Studio C, the BYU TV comic sketch troupe with close to two million subscribers and over a BILLION (yes, a BILLION with a “B,” total views) on YouTube. Click Here if you’d like to check out their multiple seasons of clean, family-friendly comedy sketches.

Click below to watch one of my favorite Studio C sketches, called Scott Sterling (it’s especially appropriate since the 2018 FIFA World Cup was just played in Russia; congrats to France BTW!) Oh, and yes … Mormons can watch sports too. Wonder of wonders, eh?

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.53.01 PM.pngSeriously, though: as you can see (if you watched the skit), Studio C is hilarious … and it’s good, clean entertainment for the entire family; the kids especially really seem to enjoy it. It’s just one of the excellent shows/specials that make up BYU’s programming line-up. (Others of my family’s favorites include Random Acts, Painting the Town, Relative Race, Turning Point, and of course the BYU Student Devotionals: Click Here to watch these too. And, Click Here to go to the main BYU.TV site if you’d like to review their entire line-up including BYU Football and all their other sports). Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.29.54 PM

Other comics I enjoy at times (and recommended to my fishing pal) include:

Brian Regan: one of his best skits is about his trip to the hospital emergency room. It is awesome! Click Here to check it out.

Tim Hawkins: Click Here to watch his classic Hey There Delilah parody and Click Here to watch his hilarious song called Things You Don’t Say to your Wife.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.28.28 PMJim Gaffigan: his McDonalds skit is pretty hilarious (warning: a couple of swear words in it, if that bothers you). Click Here to watch it if you’d like a good belly laug though.

Though they’re not what I’d call the cleanest comedians in the world in some of their work but this is a funny (and clean) song of from the New Zealand music troupe, Flight of the Concords. It’s called Albi, The Racist Dragon. If you’re okay with one more example that’s, let’s say, a little more “adult” than some of these others, you might also enjoy their most famous song, Business Time, as well. (If you’re married, especially, it’ll probably make you chuckle). Click Here to watch “New Zealand’s 4th most popular music duo” – their words not mine) description of “sex in marriage” (with over 35 million YouTube views). It’s actually pretty insightful and funny, not to be disrespectful or anything.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.51.50 PM.png

I better let you go before we go downhill from here. Have a good night, everybody.

Keep laughing.

Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA



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