LDS Opera Singer: Patrice Tipoki Arkins

Here’s another great I’m a Mormon testimonial from about as far away as you can get from here in Portland, Oregon (USA), this one about a Mormon opera singer from Sidney, Australia, Patrice Tipoki Arkins.

While music is important to many of us and most definitely to the Church as a whole—I personally love all kinds of genres from country to R & B to rock n roll and even a lot of the Pop Top 40 hits … oh, and I love contemporary Christian music. Even though I love music and even enjoy singing, playing the piano, and staring at my guitar in the corner that’s mostly collecting dust … I (and most of us) don’t have the talent for singing like this member of the Church does.

Click Below to View the Video:

Here’s an interview of Patrice with Good Morning Australia.

Click Below to View the Interview:

And here’s a really beautiful video of a Patrice singing a rendition of the song, Son of God, together with Mormon pianist, Paul Cardall.

Click Below to View the Music Video:

Enjoy the introduction.

Until next time,


Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA

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