Guest Post: Finding Peace/Joy in Death

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 3.45.10 PM.pngOur friends, Rick and Heidi Bruno, here in Oregon, lost their beloved little girl, Holly, to cancer earlier this year (2018). Even as young as she was, Holly was an amazing example of “leaving a mark” on others with her life, her example, and her message to many that “Love is Everywhere.” She and her parents, both, while struggling with the almost incomparable pain and sadness of having to say goodbye to each other (for the time being), understood the truth of the gospel that we will live again and that, through the sealing power restored through temples today, we can even BE TOGETHER! They understand the beauty and majesty of the Atonement and what it means—what it truly means—in our lives. | Holly’s “graduation” service (as my family likes to refer to funeral/life celebration events), was a touching, spirit-filled celebration of these truths, as well as a beautiful tribute to Holly and her short but remarkable life. This guest postScreen Shot 2018-07-16 at 3.41.01 PM addresses these truths well. Anyone dealing with loss in their life can benefit from this knowledge. Find comfort in its message. It’s the most glorious “Good News” available to the world today.

I’m grateful to understand it and hope that more of our friends worldwide can come to know this as well. It’s never easy to say goodbye but it’s easier when you know with certainty that it really is just “see you later” for now. | If you’d like to know how to receive such certainty, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to share with you more. | Thanks for listening and for sharing your thoughts and inquiries. | Most sincerely…. Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA

Latter-Day Disciple

Last week, a good friend of a good friend passed away. This young man had bravely and faithfully fought cancer for five exhausting years, almost since he and his wife had been married.

The news of his passing left us – virtual strangers to him – in tears. We mourned for his wife and 3-month old twin sons. We were shaken by the gap left by his singular life in the world.

It struck me how it was likely that this man and his family did not know how far he reached in impacting the lives of those around him. We knew him from our home Stake but had never personally been close to him. Still we knew his story. We had heard through various sources and mediums of his courage and humor and goodness in the face of pain and suffering and personal loss. He brought faith to a…

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