We Will Raise Our Voices Together

As you get to know yours truly and this Daily Mormon blog, I hope you start to understand my primary purpose and intent in writing. It’s simply this:

I’m a firm believer that, while there is an ongoing battle between good and evil and, at times, it seems that the dark side might be winning, they aren’t and they never will. We know that in the end good will triumph and Jesus Christ will reign supreme. It’s been prophesied and foretold since the beginning of time. And, as a more clear and distinctive line is “drawn in the sand,” good people everywhere have a choice to make: which side of that line do I want to be on? Where do I want to stand and what will my own legacy be?

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 5.26.05 PMThe good news is, there are A LOT of good people seeking to DO good and BE good despite the challenges and temptations that beset us all. And, we’re making great headway, especially when we work together. We’re accomplishing much and blessing many lives all over the world (despite what the naysayers say).

Once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to witness such collaborations—such “group efforts” as it were—that remind us we’re not alone, we’re “in this together,” and we’re stronger as one. If nothing else, regardless of what we face or the trials that try us, we’re not going down without a fight. Christ gave us the perfect example and all He asks of us is to keep trying to truly “Come Unto Him.”

I already shared one video from The Piano Guys but I wanted to do so again and, I’m sure, will share others in the future. They’re amazing. This one includes a couple of my other favorite performers, both Mormons as well, David Archuletta and Peter Hollens (and over 1,000 others). And, while it’s a Christmas hymn in July, I think it’s a great reminder that (1) we should think of our Savior all year long (not only at Christmas), (2) there is beauty and wonder even amid the challenges and trials we face, and (3) when we come together and combine our voices, amazing things happen—in our personal faith-journeys, in music, and especially in our lives.

This is a wonderful example of these points.

Click the Video Below to Watch It Now:

The message of the song is a poignant one too, and it’s key to what we call “The Story of Mormonism.” The entire movement, the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this last dispensation, started with Joseph Smith asking for help and literally being visited by God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ (in the Spring of 1820), not to mention a host of angelic visitors that followed. “Angels we have heard on high….” takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve heard the story of The Restoration.

If you haven’t, see my earlier post about The Stone Cut Out of the Mountain, and watch the video that goes with it. It tells you what you need to know. Still have questions? Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them … or check out lds.org and mormon.org, both excellent resources for those with inquiring minds.

I hope you enjoy the song. I hope you explore the story. But, most of all, I hope you know you’re not alone in your journey. None of us are.

Happy Saturday.


Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 5.23.57 PM



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