LDS Violinist: Lindsey Stirling


YouTube sensation, Lindsey Stirling, is a truly talented Mormon musician who has taken the world by fire. She’s also a former anorexic who learned for herself that God loved her, she had worth, and that she was and is a daughter of God. Her story is not only that of a great Mormon musician but also a real, authentic person who, like so many of us, is going through her own version of mortality and facing the trials of her life with grace. Her story is an inspiration and a great reminder to the rest of us—we are all children of a Father Above.

She’s also a great example of someone who’s done amazing things with the talents given her. That’s an understatement.

Click the Video Below to Watch It Now:

Here’s a really cool interview with Lindsey and the ladies from “The View” talking about her journey from being publically shamed by Pierce Morgan on America’s Got Talent.

Click the Video Below to Watch the Interview:

If you haven’t noticed, on these Mormon Member posts, I’m trying to share their “I’m a Mormon” video, at least one interview, as well as one of their Music Videos if they’re a musician. You don’t have to watch them all if you don’t want to but they’re here if you do.

Here’s one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite performers (John Legend) doing a really cool rendition of his classic song, All of Me, together with Lindsey. Incredible.

Click the Video Below to Watch the Music Video:

In Lindsey’s case, I thought I’d share this compilation called “My Story,” as it’s called, as well. (Again, if this is information overload, no worries. If you have time and “want more” … check it out. It shows lots of clips from her awesome performances).

Click the Video Below to Watch the Story:

We appreciate you, Lindsey … thank you for sharing your talent, your testimony, your vulnerability and story of struggling with (and triumphing over) anorexia, and most of all your light with us all. It means more than you probably know.

Congrats on all your success!

Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA


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